How to boost efficiency in your F&B business – Orca Business Operating System | Guest Post (Fundamentally-flawed)

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Written by Sihan Lee from "Fundamentally-flawed" ( Ever had problems delivering food out to customers in a timely manner because of broken feedback to [...]

Ordering Okra with Orca: How Technology Helps F&B Industry | Guest Post (Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow)

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Written by  A. Nathanael Ho from " RUBBISH EAT RUBBISH GROW" ( For the past few years, the labour crunch in F&B industry has impelled [...]

Orca BOS: The One-Stop Solution to all F&B Businesses | Guest Post (SgCafeHopping)

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Written by Yong Wei Kai from "sgcafehopping" ( Orca BOS... I have been in the F&B industry for quite awhile now and I can [...]

Orca BOS for F&B and Micro Businesses | Guest Post (Tech4Tea)

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Written by John Tan from "Tech bytes for tea?" ( I visited the exhibition booth of this Singapore company that developed Orca, a Business [...]